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Yeah, underground’s not dead – it’s alive! Beatsmith collective Tape Death from North York, Australia gives you an aural ass-whooping not only with this release.

Listen to MD and his space funk lightning thunder coming from an Electric Sky to elecrify your ear bones with thick kicks and lovely crunchy snares, fresh bass and extraterrestrial synths. Instrumentation, production, mixing and mastering were entirely done by MD plus „No sample loops – made entirely from one-shot drums & synths.“


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Rubber Beats Vol. III

East Flanders represent through Caoutchou Records latest release.

Rubber Beats Vol. III is packed with familiar artists, some artist you might have heard of, but half of them guys seem unknown to the scene, unless you are  an internet fiend and spent your days and nights stalking muthafuckers, which I hope you don’t do.

The mixture of ambient, dubstep, 8-bit game fun, hip hop flavored future beats and some serious deep shit offers sounds for each of your dark desires and  even might fill a gap in your collection of unheard ideas.

My favorite tunes were done by Anders Walldén, Ninjato and Lunz. Which are your’s?

To find an answer, listen and


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OKNAI – Ain’t a dream

As promised, OKNAI from Slovenia drops his album Ain’t a dream today.

Check him out and support good music! Album is also available on CD in a limited edition special rx:tx collector’s pack designed by Multipraktik.


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Nice guys, there are some. And they’re willing to change places to make their living and their dreams come true.

One of them is RA from Italy. He left his hometown and his home studio to build a new life in London plus he produces cheap music, at least that’s what he says. I’d say cheap music for luxury ears to even his understatement.

RA’s art is not just bound to creating music but also he is a graphic artists.

A laptop, crappy headphones and a MPD 24 sometimes can be all you need to blast ears and minds.

Check him out and


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Always gotta keep your eyes and ears open and you will find nothing but beats and the beauty within, everywhere.

OKNAI from Slovenia, yes, they got heads too, drops some heavy tunes. Basically working with Ableton, the Monome, Trigger Finger and his laptop, he does really well on combining his glitches with hard hitting beats and a fistful of belly-warming bass, topped by minimalistic 8-Bit fragments.

His debut is going to hit the streets on october 18th. Ain’t a dream is the name. Be sure to check it out. CD will also be available.

Here’s an example of what he can do and the cover pic of his upcoming album.


© 2011 Rob Bootle

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Wanna play arcade games or maybe just give your ears lo-fi glitches, goose-bumps guaranteed?

Ask AARONMAXWELL from LA, he’ll serve you with all of this and even with a free EP. Boom!


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So many people making dope music. Here’s another one.

KAPPAH from Italy with his album „Welcome Superstereo Stars“.


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STRANGR is delivering this deep and chilled out gift of an EP.

Check it out and enjoy!


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