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Not only hip hop has gone through a lot of changes. So have dancing styles, that were always hip hop’s company and inspiration.

Consequentially some producers throughout the production process might have kept an eye on giving B-Boys what they’re out for on this spanking beat tape   – dope next-century electro-funk infused breaks.

Assembled by AAron Evo from Paris some of the finest hip hop producers such as Elaquent, Juno Akasawa or Sunclef besides fresh new guys, not as well known, but worth checking out, give you an insight of how hip hop’s meant to sound, when B-Boys and B-Girls get funky on the dancefloor.

Give this free tape a try and shake your hips!


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HARRY JEN – Random Beats EP

Wow, just got added on soundcloud by this nice group of musicians, I never heard of before.

As often in past times, again it’s quality work from Austria, to be specific from Linz.

The eight-man-band HARRY JEN showcases a broad spectrum of musical genres on their Random Beats EP, such as Jazz, Funk, Electronics and futuristic beats.

And I’d say they undoubtedly are influenced by Matthew Herbert. But there’s so much more in here. Listen for yourselves.



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