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Without further introduction, due to the fact I lack further info on TAPE-ROC  from Sweden, here’s a nice little beat tape. 24 beats from the years 2011-2012 in a half-hour mix. Jazzy samples dancing to nice drum rhythms in good company with saturated basslines. Hip Hop y’all!


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Rubber Beats Vol. III

East Flanders represent through Caoutchou Records latest release.

Rubber Beats Vol. III is packed with familiar artists, some artist you might have heard of, but half of them guys seem unknown to the scene, unless you are  an internet fiend and spent your days and nights stalking muthafuckers, which I hope you don’t do.

The mixture of ambient, dubstep, 8-bit game fun, hip hop flavored future beats and some serious deep shit offers sounds for each of your dark desires and  even might fill a gap in your collection of unheard ideas.

My favorite tunes were done by Anders Walldén, Ninjato and Lunz. Which are your’s?

To find an answer, listen and


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