Rubber Beats Vol. III

East Flanders represent through Caoutchou Records latest release.

Rubber Beats Vol. III is packed with familiar artists, some artist you might have heard of, but half of them guys seem unknown to the scene, unless you are  an internet fiend and spent your days and nights stalking muthafuckers, which I hope you don’t do.

The mixture of ambient, dubstep, 8-bit game fun, hip hop flavored future beats and some serious deep shit offers sounds for each of your dark desires and  even might fill a gap in your collection of unheard ideas.

My favorite tunes were done by Anders Walldén, Ninjato and Lunz. Which are your’s?

To find an answer, listen and


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HAZEEM – Cosmic Healer (raw edit)

2 months of absence to the internet and without access to digital media taught me how recreative and healing to an overloaded mind time can be without it. But now that I’m back it must have been a sign to get hit up by HAZEEM, Berlin based beatmaker, and hear this nice little track by the name of Cosmic Healer. Dig it?

Classic beat and synth work for your late-night head nod or letting your mind float in anticipation of spring weather promises, BBQs and having beers with good friends.

The track is a raw edit and soon to be released on the next Rapohnelizenz beat tape. So keep your eyes and ears open!


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K. Sparks – Nostalgic Lights

Don’t know, why I forgot to share this one with you. The track is a bit antiqued in terms of internet  and the expiration of memory due to the constant bombardment with information through its channels.

Enough with the preface. K. SPARKS, a young MC from NY, with some nice jazzy production by Navie D. delivers this smooth ear-catcher. Nostalgic Lights might be a good reason to love music and enjoy your sunday evening.

Brought to you by Double Up Entertainment (Chicago/Illinois).

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POLOZOV from Russia debuts with a 6 track EP going by the name of Peace. And boy, the production has made a quantum leap since I heard some of his production for the first time. Electronic meets warm organic sounds, never missing a good amount of  bleeps.

Also I gotta say, I like the arrangements very much, giving you insight on every track of the musical carpet, he’s layering to give you what you might hear in a second or two, if you choose to listen to this.

All this is brought to you by OUTLIER RECORDINGS from BKLYN. Finally the EP features two remixes by the record label’s founders ODDLOGIC and WIE.


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Fresh out the box HIMURO YOSHITERU from Tokyo/Japan is chopping it up samurai-style. The best release I heard since the year turned 2012.

He’s dropping a heavy 17-track album going by the name of Our Turn, Anytime, giving an impressive insight in how multifaceted music is and can be. Heavy bass, hip hop sample mastery and even tracks reminding me of some older jazzy work of Amon Tobin make it a fun-to-listen-to album.

But listen for yourselves.


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Potatohead People – Tomatos

Jazz my man, all that I need. And here is the place to get some. Some nice boom-clapping by the POTATOHEAD PEOPLE Nick Wisdom & AstroLogical on their 2011 EP „Tomatos“. Vancouver/Canada represent for the nice JELLYFIS RECORDINGS label. Always worth a listen.


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Newholmes & Kriswontwo – Nutrients

Bam-bam-badadada-bam, NEWHOLMES together with KRISWONTWO, both residing in Copenhagen, Denmark, blessing JOHNNY PRINCE’s rhymes with a super dope smooth beat. That’s how I love my hip hop, warm, guts-shaking and neck-breaking.

Turn the volume up and


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Fucking forgot about this fella, hell yeah, drops bombs.

Just picked one track out of NIGEL ONE’s beats, but you shouldn’t pin down his work only on that one. His style’s versatile. As a member of the Indigo Pyramid pack, he follows the musical path all the way.

For this blazin‘ production he teamed up with the BILLION $ QUARTET. The track is  a funk killer for sure!


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Nice remix-shizzle by Mr. FLOWTEC from Trier/ Germany.

The track „Mess Around“ off of the MokaOnly/ Chief collabo-album „Crickets“ gets an  atmospheric synth-treatment. Sound fits perfectly to Moka’s smooth rhyme-delivery and generally the mood of the vocals.

Nuff said and for those who haven’t checked Flowtec yet, get your fingers out of your noses, collectively please, clean your ears, lay back and listen to his beats!



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