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After a bunch of loose beats, a remix album of well known Hip Hop goldies and contributing the beatwork for SAMMA SAT.?, a conjoint album with rapper SATIVA, finally now Munich-based producer SAMADEE drops his first solo beat album.

On CALM MOODS you get to hear what the name is promising, chilled, down-tempo Hip Hop beats with detailed drum work and atmospheric, laid-back melodies on top. These are the type of beats you might wanna listen too doing some curative inhalation or slowly riding your bike or skateboard or whatever takes you around your city.

The music gets accompanied by a beatiful cover artwork from NASCA UNO from Berlin.

Give peace a chance and this album a try.



Shatter Hands – CPHMIX 016

Very talented producer, live a master on the SP-404 and overall a very sympathetic guy, Johan Klinkvort aka SHATTER HANDS from Denmark did a nice mix for the Red Bull Music Academy Copenhagen.

The mix features old and new more traditional and as well forward thinking electronic influenced Hip Hop. As a special treat he also put in two unreleased tracks of his Berlin based Crew BERLIN ZOO. Be sure to check them cats out too!

Already having contributed beat tapes for the Outlier Recordings and the Urban Waves Records label, he’s not a newbie anymore, but also never sticks to old. Shatter Hands is honing his craft of beatmaking and I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be a lot more good work we can listen to in the future.

For the people who are capable of speaking danish, here’s a short interview with the Red Bull Academy CPH.

Enjoy the mix!

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Rubber Beats Vol. III

East Flanders represent through Caoutchou Records latest release.

Rubber Beats Vol. III is packed with familiar artists, some artist you might have heard of, but half of them guys seem unknown to the scene, unless you are  an internet fiend and spent your days and nights stalking muthafuckers, which I hope you don’t do.

The mixture of ambient, dubstep, 8-bit game fun, hip hop flavored future beats and some serious deep shit offers sounds for each of your dark desires and  even might fill a gap in your collection of unheard ideas.

My favorite tunes were done by Anders Walldén, Ninjato and Lunz. Which are your’s?

To find an answer, listen and


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POLOZOV from Russia debuts with a 6 track EP going by the name of Peace. And boy, the production has made a quantum leap since I heard some of his production for the first time. Electronic meets warm organic sounds, never missing a good amount of  bleeps.

Also I gotta say, I like the arrangements very much, giving you insight on every track of the musical carpet, he’s layering to give you what you might hear in a second or two, if you choose to listen to this.

All this is brought to you by OUTLIER RECORDINGS from BKLYN. Finally the EP features two remixes by the record label’s founders ODDLOGIC and WIE.


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KRIS INFINITY aka INFINITE POTENTIALS is sending  meaningful messages by Neon Paper Planes from thousands of feet beneath the surface.

If it’s not paper planes, he’s reaching out for human contact from his space craft, the INDIGO PYRAMID rotating nearly at the speed of light. We all knew, one day we will get in touch with the supernatural powers of our limitless universe, but none of us had a clue this would happen so soon.

So reach out for the infinite potentials of music and love.


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Suicidal Tendencies‘ THUNDERCAT finally drops his debut album THE GOLDEN AGE OF APOCALYPSE on Brainfeeder these days. It’s soulful, it’s jazzy and you will of course find Fly Lo’s futuristic approach of electronic driven music to it.



Production by Flying Lotus

Be sure to check it out

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