Got to share this one with you. ELOQUENT is a german MC from Wiesbaden with persian roots. He’s been doing what he does best for years now. In my opinion he’s so underrated, I’d say it’s a shame that his lyrics and the beat production from fellow artists are unknown to a broader audience.

Every hip hop artist nowadays is chatting about how personal his or her lyrics are and how much they’ve been influenced by experience and throwbacks in life. Honestly said, I don’t feel most of them.

Though he’s dedicated to the good old boom-bap, Elo is different, and his music has been on rotation for months on my mp3-Player, giving me a good feeling about listening to his music, his style of verbal delivery and the lyrical content. Even when he picks up sad or melancholic topics. He gives it to the audience simple and plain, giving you an impression of what heart-felt means.

HERE you can check out his albums for free.


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